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Ice Cream Heaven

October 31, 2012

Quick post.
It’s 3am and I’m lying here thinking about ICE CREAM.

See, this time last year I was in Auckland, working at CrossFit New Zealand, taking part in our yearly nutrition challenge, and living in Mission Bay…. A beautiful beachside suburb of the ’09.
We lived close enough to smell the waffle cones at Movenpick.
AND I was living with a self-confessed ice cream fiend 😉

So one day, in desperate need of a creamy fix, we toddled off to Bunnings and purchased ourselves a funky little ice cream maker. It had been YEARS since Id made ice cream, but I was sure with a little ingenuity (and a lot of coconut cream) I could give us something edible.

As per usual, I cooked from memory, and only made some vague notes as I went (I gotta stop that!!!)
I tell you what though, I’m not really an ice cream fan, but this stuff was the BUSINESS!!! And going by the Nom noises and food dances happening in my living room by my beautiful roomie, I knew it was ice cream success 🙂

Not long after I moved back to Oz, and forgot all about that special day where we made the best paleo ice cream
It could have all been a dream.

That is until I got this text


At this point all the beautiful cool, creamy memories came flooding back. I HAD to find that recipe. I hadn’t seen it since March, and had moved TWICE since then.
Four hours and a few tantrums later, I had dug out one of my old notepads and there was my ingredients list!

The method I remember, but the egg quantities weren’t exact, and I remember that perfect day in Mission Bay that I had somehow gotten the amount JUST right to produce a smooth, creamy result.

Here’s what I came up with:

(Be careful not to add the milk while it’s still to hot or you’ll get scrambled eggs. Ideally, you should be able to comfortably hold your finger in the milk for 10 seconds.)

Basic Custard

3 cups coconut cream (or use 2 cups plus 1 cup heavy cream if you wanna make a primal one)
Coconut sugar to sweeten, or alternatively a little maple syrup (I used maple syrup when I made the one at Patteson, and have used coconut sugar since. Usually only about 2 tbsp?)
8-10 egg yolks
pinch of salt
Vanilla pod

Have a strainer in a bowl ready over an ice bath.

Scrape vanilla into cream (you can even drop the whole pod in there until later after you scrape) Bring cream to simmer over med/high heat. Make sure it doesn’t boil (this is really important if you put the ACTUAL cream in there), and remove as soon as bubbles start to appear. Let it cool to room temp

Beat your eggs, sweetener, and pinch of salt until thick.

Whisk in 1 cup of the cream mixture in a slow stream into the yolk mixture to temper.
Add another cup of the cream mixture whilst still whisking.
Transfer the egg yolk mixture back to the saucepan with remaining cream, Cook over med/high heat, stirring constantly.
Do this until it coats a spoon.
THIS part is important, as if you rush it and don’t wait until the custard is thick enough, you can end up with icey ice-cream.

Remove from heat and mix in the remaining cream to stop the mixture from overcooking.
Gotta be super careful not to scramble the custard,
Pour custard through sieve or strainer into preferably a stainless steel bowl set in the ice bath. Let cool completely, stirring until fully cooled and mixed. Stir in any other ingredients you want to add now (unless you want a swirly effect. Add whilst ice-cream is mixing if you do)

Bung in ice cream maker.

NOW. I only have notes on ingredients written down- recipe SHOULD be right. I kinda just do it by heart now.
Pretty sure that’s how many yolks I use. It should be a nice buttery yellow. You’ll notice some recipes don’t call for near that many yolks, but the yolks are what makes it taste more creamy and buttery 🙂

(this was my actual FB message)


I waited and waited for a reply. A few hours later



Final notes from Kris were that she used NINE eggs. She then puréed some blueberries (boobalerries, she calls them) and added to the machine when the mix was soft serve consistency. I’d follow her lead if you give this a go.

Looking forward to making this again once our Whole 30 Challenge is over AND looking forward to seeing my beautiful Kristy and my Kiwi mates when we fly back to NZ for Christmas.


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