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Children of the Corn….

October 30, 2012

Ok. So what I’m gonna write about isn’t horror movie scary. But to me it’s pretty close.

You all know that little Pickle got off the Booby Train and onto the Formula Bus the other week. Aside from having to switch from regular formula to a lactose free version, she is thriving.
Here’s where it gets scary though.
If you’re my client, how often do I tell you to read your labels? There is hidden (and not so hidden) sugar in SO many places you wouldn’t expect to find it.
And the King of Crap is HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)

I won’t rave on here about how bad it is, do your own research. The shit is POISON and is a major contributor to the “obesity epidemic”.

I’m a big time label reader, but I DIDN’T read my baby formula before I fed it to her. I just assumed since I’m feeding it to baby, and it was a highly recommended formulation, it was SAFE. Why would anyone put poison in my babies food, right? Here’s where my jaw fell to the floor and my heart almost stopped.

Check out the first ingredient…

Jeebus cripes on a bike! The one ingredient I bang on about avoiding is the FIRST INGREDIENT in my wee one’s Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner. I pulled out the lactose containing formula. Surely not. But there it was. The SECOND ingredient. So off to the chemist I toddled. SURELY there’d be a formula without HFCS.
NO DICE. Even the Organic “all natural” formulas had rice syrup or other shitty sugars in there. 98% of the tubs contained HFCS as the first or 2nd ingredient.
I didn’t give up hope; off to Dr Google I went.
“Natural baby formula”
“HFCS free baby formula”
I was distraught by the end of it. Not only can’t I breastfeed, but the only option for nourishing my little one is with JUNK FOOD.
NB: Someone on facey suggested a wet nurse. Not my cup of tea 😉

Until I tried searching for “Home made baby formula”.
All roads pointed here

The Weston A. Price Foundation gave me a ray of hope. My options were a raw milk or goats milk base, or, GAG, MEAT JUICE. Well, not meat juice, but a liver based formula. I decided that the raw milk would be the way to go, but knowing that Aussie law prevents the sale of raw milk, I went to trusty Facebook and put out the call.

I got the sources, apparently it’s sold as “bath milk” to get around the law (if it’s a “beauty product” it doesn’t come under the same classification). I dug further and found out that people drink the “bath milk” and don’t die.


(and this is a BIG BUT)

I’m all for doing things naturally, but to feed my baby something that can (potentially) be detrimental or DEADLY to her health? The regulations are there for a reason.
It’s one thing to make your baby homemade mashed veggies and meat. You burn your pumpkin, it’s no biggie. You leave a few little lumps in the sweet potato, it’s unlikely to do lil munchkin any harm.
But if I mess shit up with raw milk, and its  risks of Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria, NOW we’re talking vomiting, diarrhea, and potentially death. It’s ok for you and me, fit and healthy grown-ups to drink it, but children, teenagers, old folks, and anyone with compromised immunity are more likely to suffer ill effects from raw milk.

On occasion I’ve been known to be clumsy, and perhaps a little careless when I cook…the outcome is usually AWESOME and delicious, but after seriously weighing up the risks and researching all of my options, I decided that starting a little formula lab in the CrossFit Barrier Reef kitchen was a recipe for disaster.

2-3 months of corn syrup-y sweet gunkiness, as much as I disagree with it, is NOT going to kill Mia.
Screwing around with raw milk just might.

As soon as she is ready for solids we will look at other options for drinking- whether or not she will be a Primal or Paleo baby will be dictated by what her little body wants, but there will be no more HFCS, that’s for sure.

If you’re not paleo or primal, or even if you are and occasionally let yourself eat some “normal” food, check out your labels…you’d be surprised where this little devil sneaks in!


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  1. Kate permalink
    October 30, 2012 3:47 am

    Love it!!!! Jo Jo did you by any chance check out ‘pediasure’? or any of the script based formulas? They may be the way to go. I love your research into a very heated topic, of which, as you know, is close to me heart 🙂

    • October 30, 2012 3:53 am

      Hi! Yep, ALL of them, even Pediasure and the prescription formulas, all contain some form of sugar. It’s so surprising! Love that you’re still reading 🙂

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