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Like a Virgin

September 19, 2012

GOOD NEWS: Doc gave me the all clear to lift heavy, resume high intensity exercise AND and have the sexy time as much as I want. Wow aren’t I lucky 😉

I got right into it with a horrific WOD that involved front rack lunges. Wowsers, what an awakening! Followed this up with a 100 kettlebell swing finisher. Now…if you know me, you’ll know I have one speed…manically FAST and one intensity…Balls to the wall. I’m also ridiculously competitive- so when I saw one of the male members had posted 4 minutes something with a 16kg kettlebell, I KNEW I could beat it it.
Thankfully, Coach Tim pulled me up and made me scale. Something about not rushing into things? Ah crap. Voice of reason wins.
WOD time rolled around and this little black duck had trouble swinging at 12kg. I felt like puking, and did a fair amount of walking the dog instead of holding onto the frickin kettlebell.
I hadn’t felt like this since my FIRST EVER CrossFit session. It was like I was a CF virgin all over again. Shitballs.
Yes, I know, I see you face palming “she’s an idiot she just had abdominal surgery”.
I know this too! But a teeny tiny little part of me hoped I’d be some lucky freak of nature that could just jump back into it not having lost all that much strength.

But here’s the crushing reality:
1. I can’t do a single pull up. Hell, I can’t even do a pull-through/kipping swing
2. I can get up into a handstand, but my midline is CUSTARD. My back is all banana’d and bowed out, and I can’t hold the position for any longer than ten seconds before I feel like my back is going to break.
I was capable of more at 8 months pregnant. F*ck me.

I COULD’VE packed a sad (can’t say I didn’t throw a little tanty and kick the air a little bit).
The shock actually gave me my first two goals in “Operation Feel Good”

1. Get 1 pull up by the end of October
2. Hold a solid “hollow” position in a handstand by this time next month.

In the meantime, sticking to my good eating, and starting to train again, it would be nice to see some changes in my body. I learned long ago that making superficial or appearance based goals is setting you up for failure AND it’s not in the spirit of CrossFit.
If I set measurable fitness and strength goals, and hit my targets, I know that the body will follow.

The next day we snatched, and I still had a decent looking 26kg power snatch (didn’t chance going any heavier, and I KNOW I could not have turned it into a full snatch on account of the midline massacre, so I didn’t even try). It’s about 13 kilos off my PR, but I’ll take it.
Small victories, right.

Not my pie, but it LOOKED like this, only a little cheesy on top!

I know I promised to post recipes every day- but again, a slap in the face from reality- taking care of a little person, running a business, working out, and trying to allow time to breathe meant that whilst I managed to COOK dinner, I didn’t blog about it 😦 I like to THINK I could be superwoman, but I aint.
And my little Mia needed to be put to bed, so I didn’t get to take a picture before Tim ate it. STINK!
SO we’re one day behind on recipes.
I called it Gringo Pie on account of the fact that it’s based on a Shepherds Pie, but using Mexican mince, and topped with Kumara (sweet potato to you Aussies) .

Gringo Pie

Leftover mince
Butter/olive oil/Coconut oil for greasing
Kumara (3 usually gets the job done, used more if you want a thicker topping)
A little cheese for sprinkling on top if you’re Primal

Preheat oven to about 180 degrees

Peel and boil your kumaras (3 usually gets the job done) . Mash with some kind of fat- I used a little butter and a little coconut cream. Drop the butter if you want it Paleo. Mix in a little cumin.

Lightly grease a large pie dish (or several small individual ones)

Whack in your leftover mince and top with kumara and cheese. Alternatively brush a little melted coconut oil on top.

Bake until golden.

Stand back and marvel at how bloody clever you are, and also laugh at how silly you were for thinking that eating Paleo/Primal was hard 😉

Chat tomorrow, team. Much love xx

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