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Take one pot of chili…

September 16, 2012
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Mmm baby taco

It still amazes me how much time little people take up!
I was a nanny for years, and managed to get laundry done, cook dinner, read a book, all whilst keeping a lil munchkin diapered, fed, and loved. But when we are talking about my VERY OWN little bubba, I forgot to factor in all the time I’d spend just staring at her. Or sniffing her Johnson and Johnson shampooed hair (THAT, my friends, could easily lose me for an hour). Or, if I’m to be totally honest, window shopping on eBay, etsy, amazon and more for cutesy, ruffly floral attire for my baby dolly.
Or weird halloween outfits (just to put her in when we go to the supermarket)
Sick, I know.

It makes me more determined than ever to keep up Food Prep Sundays. With all this time spent being do-lally I’m lucky if I even get time for a cup of tea!
Today I’m gonna cook up a shit ton of chili. I base it on the original Chan’s Chili from the CrossFit Journal, replace the olives with carrot or other veg and add my own spice mixes, depending on my mood. This is a great recipe base as Tim is still a Zone princess so I know he can plan his meals well around it too. I “eyeball” my food these days- it works for me, and doesn’t play into my food/body insecurities by having me weigh and measure everything.

From this chili I’ll have a recipe base for the whole week. I genuinely can’t just eat the same thing every day for nutritions sake. It’d make life bloody easy I’m sure, but I like to mix it up!

So here’s what the week will look like;
Sunday: Paleo Tacos (chili in lettuce cups)
For the rest of the week I’ll post a different recipe daily
Monday: Gringo Pie
Tuesday: Stuffed Capsicum
Wednesday: Paleo Sloppy Jojo’s 😉
Thursday: Meaty Huevos Rancheros

And here’s my latest progress pic. Officially fit into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes EXCEPT my fave Lululemon shorts 😦 boohoo!!! Weeeellll I FIT them, but it kinda looks like an albino baby hippo has found its way way into a pair of hotpants. Orange-peely-wobbly-squeezy-lumpy-pale.



Head to docs in the AM for my 6 week check and the OK to lift heavy and train again. Couldn’t wait any longer yesterday though, and was a BIT naughty. Everyone trained at 830, so my best girl Gina was the only person to show for the 930 WOD.
I did Elizabeth with her, only with 2 x 8kg kettlebells and a red band for the dips. 9:32. I believe mid WOD I MAY have called out “Can someone remind me why the f@ck I do this?!!”
It felt like my first day again! Happily, though, the body has pulled up OK today.
Pretty excited about tomorrow- if I’m all good to go the WOD is
Fingers crossed!!!

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  1. Marshall permalink
    September 16, 2012 8:09 am

    i ask my self “why the f@ck do I do this?!!” every time im about to do a wod haha

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