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September 10, 2012

Sup boys and girls?!

MAN. SO much has happened in the past year, it’s just unbelievable. Let’s get you up to speed:

1. I’ve moved (back) to Australia- tropical Cairns to be precise

2. My partner Tim and I have opened our own CrossFit box, CrossFit Barrier Reef

3. We welcomed baby Mia into the world a month ago

There are a billion stories (not to mention new recipes) to share, so I’m not even sure where to start.
Howsabout I give it a whirl with what I made for dindins last night, along with a little story about cooking up a baby.

Now, I always said when I fell pregnant I’d be staying Paleo, or a the very least Primal, and that I’d aim to stay 100% all the time, you know, on account of the fact that I’m growing a new person and all.
Over Christmas and New Years I started craving chocolate, which is weird because I normally HATE chocolate. I also had an unnatural urge to consume as many Willy Wonka candies as possible. At the time I was nursing some random leg injury, and generally feeling pretty crap, so I thought “what the hell” and just threw good eating out the window for a few weeks.

Come January, I started training HARDCORE, went back to 100% Paleo, started IF again. But I noticed that the stubborn sugar-bulge just wasn’t shifting, in fact I seemed to be getting BIGGER. And I was getting dizzy spells, and nausea. What do you know, I was preggers. Up the duff. Bun in the oven.
We named the bun “Pickle”.

After a bad start eating-wise, and after enduring 10 weeks of horrific morning sickness, I cleaned up my dietary act a huge amount, although I still allowed the Devil, SUGAR, back into my life. Nothing crazy, and definitely no more Gobstoppers and Sherbet for breakfast, but Iced Coffee milks and mochas were a common indulgence.

So here we are, nigh on 10 months later with the most beautiful little munchkin, Mia, who unfortunately will also be known as “Pickle” for the rest of her life. Now we’ve settled into a bit of a routine, it’s time for Mama to start looking at kicking her crack habit, and getting back into the swing of things. I’ve started my Sunday food-prep day again, and am also cooking everything else in freezable amounts; a MUST do when you have an unpredictable little hooman in your house.

Me and ma Pickle

Last night I cooked up a big pot of awesomeness that I adapted from a recipe given to me by my good friend Kristy. My mouth is watering right now thinking about reheating some for lunch!


Chili Pumpkin and Roast Capsicum Soup

2 big onions
4 cups chicken stock (usually home made, but come on, I just had a baby, I’m not gonna lie, I used those fancy little gel stock cubes they have now, so this isn’t STRICTLY Paleo, if you wanna be a Princess about it)
2-4 cloves of garlic – depends on your tastebuds
2 hot chilies
Cumin to taste (also amazing with a curry spice blend, or thai curry paste)
Coconut oil
1 large butternut pumpkin, cubed
2 large capsicums

1. Dice onions, fry in coconut oil, chilies and garlic until translucent. Keep heat low so’s ya don’t burn the garlic
2. Add cumin/curry, stock and pumpkin. Liquid level should be about even with the amount of pumpkin in your pot
3. Cover and simmer
4. Split and deseed your caps, put in oven skin side up. Cook until skin is blackened and lifts away from the flesh of your capsicum
5. Peel caps and chuck into simmering soup
6. Simmer until punkin is soft and mushy
7. Use stick blender in pot to blend OR let cool a little and blend in regular blender
8. Finish with a swirl of coconut cream (use Ayam Brand, it’s the bestest) Alternatively, add coconut cream whilst blending to soften flavours. This soup does pack a punch!

So there you have it. A pickle, a pumpkin, and a burgeoning little box.

It’s good to be back 🙂

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  1. September 10, 2012 5:08 am

    You do realise Vikings are cooler than Ninjas…right??? Keep the recipes coming…oir better still make us some!!

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