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August 23, 2011


That has got to be longest hiatus from blogging I have ever taken.

Probably the wrong time to take some time off when the last blog post I wrote was about packing a sad! You’ll be pleased to know, we sent the sad packing the following week, and life has been CRAZY busy since then.

I’m telling you though, getting through the winter with a smile on my face was HARD. I grew up in Papua New Guinea and Cairns, in Far North Australia. There is no such thing as winter there! So here, in NZ, dealing with the cold, and the ensuing sicknesses and sniffles and general feeling of BLAH-ness is a daily struggle.
We even had SNOW in Auckland this winter. WHAT THE??!

Snow on Cuba Mall in central Wellington (HD) from Ro Tierney on Vimeo.

Snow in Wellington

This winter I have barely baked, created, or even eaten properly, so the other night I decided to pull my finger out and invite my friends over for dinner.
We only have space at the dinner table for four, and I had invited 6 (plus Jimi and I) so the challenge was to make it food we could eat off our laps. I asked everyone to bring a blanket or pillow so we could picnic it up in my living room šŸ™‚

We started off with eggplant rounds, topped with bolognese sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms and parmesan (like mini pizzas).
Main course was a middle eastern inspired hamburger feast. I borrowed elements from some of my favourite recipes.

For the hamburger buns (yep, you heard me right, BUNS!) I followed this AMAZING recipe to the letter
Tastes for Everyday Life Flax Seed Buns

Now, gotta run out the door to bootcamp, but will update with the rest of the recipes and pics when I get back in tonight.
Have an amazing day, peeps šŸ™‚

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