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Mmmm MacGyver Ramen

June 15, 2011

Since His Royal Madness, Jimi, had his first day of training for his epic adventure last night (which I will give you details of in tomorrow’s post), I wanted to make him a nutritious, belly filling, cockle-warming meal for his return.

Jimi isn’t Paleo, or Primal, but when I cook for him, I ensure that I make the healthiest choices possible, whilst still giving him foods he enjoys. He will eat just about any Paleo dish I put in front of him, and he is a brilliant cook himself; he has been known to turn out a delish Paleo Stir Fry with Cauliflower Rice, or stuffed, prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with Paleo Pilaf. Wow!
When left to his own devices, though, it’s usually KFC. Or Burger King. Or Maccas. Or Wendy’s.

Occasionally we head out to Wagamama, and one of his favourite dishes there is their Chilli Chicken Ramen. I’ve cooked ramen before, so thought I’d create a quickfire copied version of it for him, but also make it as within Paleo parameters as possible for me. It’s a little high in sodium, so not something I’d recommend you eat all the time, but it was definitely a nice treat on a cold night.

Here’s what I came up with

MacGyver Chicken Ramen


1.5 cups of home made chicken stock (made with leftover Sunday Roast chicken. I keep it in the freezer)

1.5 cups salt reduced beef stock- plan on making some beef stock this weekend. Will update how I go.

2 tbs Mitoku Organic Hatcho Miso Paste (not Paleo. But damn tasty!)

Tablespoon whole coriander seeds

2 hot chillis, sliced thinly, on the diagonal

Approx 2 tsp garam masala

Approx tsp Asian 5 Spice

Approx 2 tbsp Tandoori Curry Paste (Pataks. Gluten free, and very low in sugar)

Splash fish sauce

Juice of one lime

Sliced spring onions

2 x Healtheries Lemon and Ginger teabags

Combine all ingredients and simmer.


Heat some macadamia oil in a very hot pan. I like grill pans purely for aesthetic reasons…nothing looks more appetizing than grill marks 🙂

Douse your chicken breasts in some gluten free soy sauce, then sear/blacken VERY BRIEFLY in pan (no more than a few seconds on either side) You could omit this step completely if you like- again, I just like how it makes the breasts look.

Add to gently simmering pot of soup for approximately 7 minutes to poach. Ensure breasts do not boil, or they will become tough.


Using a vegetable peeler, peel some strands of “noodle” from a couple of courgettes

Pour hot broth over “noodles”, and top with thinly sliced poached chicken breast, shiitake mushrooms, organic Wakame fronds, and lashings of fresh coriander and bean sprouts. Would have added a sliced boiled egg, but I’m all out!
Jimi’s soup had some buckwheat noodles added too.
Would be delish turned into a seafood ramen with some fish and pork stock. Yum, I know what I’m making next week 🙂

Okay, so it doesn't LOOK amazing, but the result was MMMMMMmmm!

NOTE: Are you wondering why this is a MacGyver Ramen, and why I had TEABAGS of all things on the list of ingredients?

I tasted it before I served, and it was missing something. Ginger! I had run out of ginger, but really needed a gingery kick to the dish. All I had in the pantry that was even close was my lemon and ginger tea bags.

So I MacGyver’d that sheezy by adding the bags to the simmering soup, and left the tags dangling out so I didn’t lose them.

Seriously MADE this soup.

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