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May 29, 2011

There’s things we don’t always feel comfortable sharing with people.

As a trainer, though, I get asked questions about ‘private’ issues on a weekly basis. I have had a few more of the same questions come up just this week, so have decided to do a couple of posts on the things we might not feel comfortable asking just anybody.

One of those things is BOWEL MOVEMENTS.

Yeah, I said it. Poops. It’s not exactly water cooler chit chat (unless you’re at CrossFit, but they’re a WHOLE nother breed there) Maybe you might mention it to a spouse, or a close friend. Or your Mum, if she’s nosy.

It’s an inevitable fact of life for most of us.


That gorgeous girl you’re dating? When she has to rush off in the morning to go to work, she’s ACTUALLY rushing home to poop. (I know this because my very pretty friend is in a new relationship and has to disappear in the mornings as her boyfriend lives in a small studio and she doesn’t want him to hear her go potty and realize she’s human….secrets out!)

An actual children's book one of my kids in the US had!

Here’s the text I got this morning

“Good Morning! I think I must have got all my fibre from grains…Any tips to stay ‘regular’ 😦 ”

My new client has just started eating primally, and whilst they hasn’t found the transition hard, the slowing of the BM is a concern. This is a common worry, and a question I have received from many converts to this way of eating.

Before I went primal, I suffered from IBS and could go 10 x in one day, so, for me, things slowing down in that department didn’t really concern me! As a result, I wasn’t sure what advice to offer the first time the topic came up.

Since I like knowing most things about everything, I took to Mark’s Daily Apple, one of my favourite sources of info on Primal Living, and I took my poop questions to the streets (well, not to the streets, to the gym, and people freely offered up their favourite solutions!)

The general MEDICAL consensus is that if you’re not in any major state of discomfort, and don’t have any pain or difficulty when evacuating, you are probably ok. They reckon that frequency of poops vary from person to person, and that it’s not a cause for concern if things slow down a little. It’s only if they screech to a halt and back up traffic for three days or more that you should be concerned!

So, if you’re a new kid on the primal bus, don’t freak out if, uh, um, the kids don’t want to go to the pool as often? Yeah, I think that works 🙂

If you’re wanting to move things along a little, here’s a kind of checklist I have come up with, and none of them involve Metamucil or “healthy” wholgrains:

* Are you drinking enough water?

* Have you tried eating more fruit? Not bananas or apples: these can make things worse. Try apricots, pears, peaches and plums. Prunes, dates and sultanas too.

* One of my friends swears by pear juice (just make sure it’s got no added sugar or bad stuffs)

* Increase your fibrous veg; broccoli is GOOD. Try eating a big ole leafy salad of raw spinach and other green goodies.

* Are you taking your fish oil? Are you taking enough? THIS calculator will tell you if you are. You’d be surprised how much you need!

* Get a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil into you. This is a popular one amongst CrossFitters.

* Boiled egg, egg fried in coconut oil, curried egg (I’ve not tried the first two, but I know curried egg is helpful!)

* Try an espresso

* Add a mega serve of flaxseed to your yoghurt/primal granola/brekkie

*THIS article from Mark was very helpful

He advises “Aim for 6-12 servings of veggies and 1-2 servings of fruit. There is no good reason to overdo fiber. Excessive fiber intake can increase appetite and interfere with healthy digestion, mineral absorption, and elimination. Interestingly, what many folks don’t realize is that increasing fat intake can help with constipation and regular bowels. Try eating more olive oil, fish, avocados, nuts, and flax seeds. ”

Ah, see now how much better does it feel now we’ve talked about it?

Have a great week everyone!

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