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Bubble and Squeak

May 10, 2011

Bubble and Squeak: apparently named after the sound it makes when it cooks.
Basically, it’s fried up leftover veg

Mum used to make it for us, but I remember it being more of a mixed veggie mash than anything fried, and I loved it!
I also remember making a version crumbed and baked in patties to get a very fussy little one I used to nanny for to eat her 5+ a day. It worked a treat, but was a lot to compete with when a couple of times a week THIS was on the menu

Thank goodness these haven't hit New Zealand!

Some of them have REAL veggies in them, but the major problem was, how the heck are you supposed to get a 3 year old to eat her vegetables when there is a brownie ready to be decorated with red icing and sprinkles RIGHT THERE ON THE PLATE.

The idiot who invented these deserves to be shot! The scary thing is, according to the other nannies, most kids ate these 5-6 times a week. WTF.

Let’s not forget the Eggo Waffles and Pop Tarts for breakfast.
No wonder I put on over 10kgs when I lived in the USA.

THESE days I make more educated (and tasty) decisions when it comes to breakfast; this morning was eggs (over easy) fried in a mixture of bacon grease and beef drippings, alongside a couple of bubble and squeak patties, and a big scoop of avocado, drizzled with a healthy helping of EVOO.

Simply decadent.

And what a clever way to deal with my leftover veg in the fridge.

Notice I was feeling a bit funny this morning and tried to make a gingerbread egg? Fail 😛

Silly billy

Bubble and Squeak (so easy a 3 year old could make it!)

Leftover kumara
Leftover broccoli
Leftover cabbage

Mush it all up and fry! I made mine into patties so I can pop a couple in the fridge to grab out later.

Couldn't wait to sit down- had to take a bite of my Bubble and Squeak!

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