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May Nutrition Challenge

April 28, 2011

30 Days of dialed in, super clean, strict as heck eating.

Definitely doable.
At the gym we are about to embark on a Nutrition Challenge for 30 days. There are 3 different levels of ‘difficulty’ if you will, and I’m taking the toughest route.
No grains, sugar, dairy, or alcohol.

I already lead a virtually grain and sugar free existence. And hadn’t been drinking any more than a two red wines on the weekends either.
2 weeks ago, I slipped so far down in the rankings for the CrossFit Games Sectionals ranking, meaning I wouldn’t qualify for Regionals, AND ended up pretty badly injured, so I had my end of training blow out a little earlier than everyone else.
I’ve had beer.
I’ve had pizza.
I’ve had espresso caramel slice JUST THIS MORNING (which, by the way, made me SICK. All that sugar + flour=regret!)
I’ve had a fat old time. Literally.
The scary thing about the sugary slippery slope is I have found myself craving sugar and crappy carbs more and more, and I had some milk chocolate yesterday, which I normally dislike, and found myself wanting more.


The great thing about the nutrition challenge is that we need to nominate a babysitter, if you will, to keep an eye on us.
If we fail, we owe them $40 and 100 burpees.
We are only allowed one cheat. Mine will be my belated Birthday party next weekend, where I intend to enjoy a few cocktails 🙂 Feel free to join us if you’re in the Auckland region!

I have also decided, because I am a little insane, to give up caffeine as well for 30 days.
This wouldn’t have been an issue a few months ago, but since I started drinking coffee again, oh boy, I’m going to be a shrieking banshee for most of next week, so stay the hell out of my way 😉

To make the challenge a little tougher on myself, I have agreed that I will pay $100 to my nominated person if I stray.
And to make me even more accountable, if YOU catch me cheating, I owe YOU $100.


Wish me luck. Or sabotage me and make yourself $100 richer…

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