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Quick Fire Post: averages.

April 18, 2011

I am part of an amazing community.

Ask any CrossFitter and they’ll bang on all day about how their box is full of awesome people. The best people.

I’m no different; I’m one of those raving fans. Although I AM ‘drinking the kool-aid’, I’m not all super-duper-over-zealous, freaky cult-like about it…more on those people later.

Every day I am surrounded by people who inspire me, people who make me laugh, people who share my passions. Lucky me!

Now, at CrossFit New Zealand, every Sunday is Open Gym; for two hours, members come in, hang out, roll out, workout, attack their goats and shoot the sh*t.  This past Sunday the CrossFit Games Sectionals were the major topic of the day, and I was going over the Games Week 2 Workout (see it HERE for a taste of what was dished out.)
Now, I was pretty stoked with my efforts, and was discussing performances with Kaz , long term member, tough chick, business woman, Mum, and all round CrossFit babe (to see how awesome she is, click HERE).
She reckons that my short assed legs/general proximity to the ground are what helps my box jumps.

I believe she called me ‘midgety’ 😉

Now, I piped up that I took offense to the term ‘midgety’ and preferred ‘slightly smaller than average’

Kaz looked at me like I had just shot her dog and kicked one of her children.
She said if she could pick 300 adjectives to describe me, or anyone she knows, ‘average’ would not be one of them.

What is ‘average’ anyway? She made the point that it carries expectations to live up to whatever the ‘norm’ is. The dictionary lists a definition as “The usual or ordinary kind or quality”
I guess even saying someone is ‘above average’ still qualifies  them as being some variant of ordinary….?

According to Kaz she has banned it from her vocabulary, and tells her kids to ignore anything that compares them to ‘the average’
She also argued that being a part of our community means we are anything BUT average.
I think she’s right.

All of us. All of you; everyone who is fighting their own fight every day to better themselves (or better the world?).
We’re not average. Or above average. Or slightly taller/smaller/stronger than average.
I won’t use that word again.

We’re exceptional.

We’re awesome.

We’re bad ass.

We’re CrossFit.

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  1. Alex permalink
    April 18, 2011 7:42 pm

    Great blog Jo Jo. Now, where is that baking you promised me??

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