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Groundhog Day

March 31, 2011

Dang it’s been a long time between blogs. And goal setting.
So BAM birdies, both of you just got hit with the same stone!

I’m not gonna make any excuses about having been soooo busy. Although I HAVE been busy. But no busier than any other time I’ve gotten to blogging. I’ve just been….cruising. Or…drifting?
Days have been disappearing faster than ever. Winter is here.
Life has been same ol same.
For me, same ol same is SCARY. When I woke up the other Monday morning, life felt a little too easy. I knew what was ahead.
It looked EXACTLY like this for 2 months

4:30am Wake Up

4:40am Procrastinate, sit on Facebook, read favourite CrossFit blogs

5:10am Realize I have to get to work and have wasted half an hour

5:20am Leave the city for work at CrossFit New Zealand (10-15min drive if I take the back streets)

5:35am Walk into Mobil where kid behind the counter is ALREADY MAKING MY COFFEE. What the? THAT was a wake up call.

5:45am Coach class

7:30am Pull out sleeping bag and crash for 90mins on floor of office or physio table (whichever is warmest)

CFNZ Coaches catch some zzz’s

9:00am Make coffee

9:10am Argue with myself about being too tired to train in 9:15 class

9:14am Coach Taz tells me to sort myself out and just do it. I do. I feel good

11:00am Come home, look at the laundry, waste more time on StumbleUpon, Facebook, CrossFit Journal, Youtube, and drooling over and bookmarking food blogs in between clients.

10:00pm ThinkWhere the heck has my day gone?”. Dig through piles of clean laundry (now on floor…still clean?) for clothes for the morning. THEN wish I’d prepped my food for the next day. Sigh.

Sure, some kind of routine helps keeps most peoples lives in order. But for me it is more like a “RUT-ine”. I thrive off a bit of chaos, the challenges of the unknown drive me to succeed.

Routine is the enemy of good, or so I read recently. Noticing this predictability freaked me out. I had a routine, but somehow nothing around me was organized. And I realized I had been treading water for weeks.


THIS Monday after Coaching, I came right home and started the laundry. Then I pulled EVERYTHING out of my cupboards and pantries onto the kitchen floor and started to sort my shit out.

I figured, a great deal of my enjoyment outside of work comes from my creations in the kitchen, and I was spending less and less time doing what I loved. Why not start there? Things had gotten into such a state in that place I didn’t know what I had where or how much or whether it had started to grow eyes and roots and and legs and then begun to the back of the pantry…

I popped downstairs to the Look Sharp Store on Victoria Street. This joint is a veritable Alladin’s Cave of STUFF. For $30 I got a collection of organizational tools. 2 days later and VOILA……


It’s now Thursday, and my new organized self is feeling fantastic! I’ve been SO busy in my organized kitchen, and have moved on to organizing my man(ha!), and organizing how to fit more work into my schedule. I’ve even organized goal setting ‘dates’ with my man. Sorted!

I’ll still take each day as it comes, but fall into bed at night knowing that everything around me is where it should be.

Now I can move onto

Goal Number 6: Impose a Facebook ban during the hours of 5am and 2pm. Wish me luck.

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