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A Yasi at the door, A Ninja in my Kitchen (and angels at my table)

February 2, 2011


This week has been a horrible stress in many ways, and will be more so this evening as Cyclone Yasi bears down upon my family and friends in Far North Queensland, Australia

Being born and (for the most part) bred in FNQ, I have seen my fair share of Cyclones. The worst I’ve seen was Cyclone Larry in 2006, wreaking havoc on friends properties,  although my home escaped with very little damage.

Cyclone Yasi, however, is like nothing seen in generations. In fact, the last time a storm of this size hit the coast of Queensland was back in 1918.

I feel as though I should be there with my family to protect them, although of course there is the more rational side of me that is thankful to be far from Yasi’s predicted path.

I can tell it will be a fairly sleepless night as I stay glued to Sky News and FNQ webcams, and believe it or not, Facebook is a wonderful way of staying informed and in touch with everyone.

The worst part of this has been that my bestie is away in India and not here to offer the requisite “everything will be ok” and the accompanying hug…right, so we all know the likelihood of “everything being ok” is slim, but sometimes that hug makes it all ok for a second.

Tonight I got a visit from my friends Lana and Sam, bringing dinner and company. They arrived with Lana’s Summer Salad, and were a welcome distraction from the craziness unfolding back in Oz. The salad was GORGEOUS. Watching the sunset with these two made me forget about everything for a bit. Angels at my table, for sure. For dessert I mixed up a treat of Coconut-Cocoa…I had heard it talked about on various blogs and forums, and after describing it to my guests, the vote was taken that we had to give it a whirl. So here it is, simple as:

Half can coconut cream

Approx 4 tbsp pure cocoa

1 tbsp pure maple syrup

Approx 2 tbsp cream

water to thin

I heated this up on the stove and served. Espresso sized servings are more than enough for a chocolately, creamy fix. Warmed the cockles, I tell you 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s at times like this that I am grateful for my friends over here; thanks for caring.

I’m also, sadly, reminded of how fragile our little universe is when it comes to the power of ole Mother Nature.

Mum, Dad, Ray, Chris, Jay, John, Liam and all the rest of my beautiful whanau stuck in Yasi, thinking of you, and sending all of my love. If I don’t say it enough, you mean the world to me.

As our favourite ranga PM Julia Gillard so aptly put it “(Yasi) is a powerful natural force but the courage of the people of Far North Queensland is an even stronger force again,”

Stay safe, you lot


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  1. C to the T permalink
    February 2, 2011 8:40 am

    thinking of you my little chicken….x

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