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Goal Number Four: Quit Sucking at Running

November 23, 2010
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So, for years my main source of ‘fitness’ was my daily 5k run on the stunning Cairns Esplanade. Some days if I felt extra sprightly I’d do it twice, or finish off with a run to and up the Red Arrow or Blue Arrow Rainforest Track. It’s safe to say I LOVED to run.

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But was I fit? Well, I THOUGHT I was. And, whilst I wasn’t a giant fatty, I was still struggling to shift the giant, jiggly badonkadonk I was carrying behind me!

3 years later, and 2 years of CrossFit under my belt, I now know what fitness is, and believe it or not, my butt has completely changed shape (alright, it’s still a ghetto booty, but my cheeks don’t finish somewhere halfway down my leg anymore, and I can’t hear it clapping when I do box jumps…and yes, it did clap!)

Now, in the process  of leaving my ass jiggle behind, I found a love of Oly Lifting, and pull ups, and double unders, and box jumps….and lost my passion for the run. I found myself avoiding workouts with the dreaded CrossFit 400m in them, and my running got worse. I didn’t realize how bad until the CrossFit Birkenhead Games 2 weeks ago. I went into the 3rd Event sitting in 4th place. The 3rd Event was a 3k trail run. I finished 5th from last. And ended up in 16th. It was IMPOSSIBLE to chase any kind of placing from there. And god dammit I was PISSED!!!! Now, I wasn’t expecting to go into the comp to win, but to do SO badly was a let down. And an embarrassment.

I like being good at stuff!!!

I was saying the other day, my legs will go for days, but my lungs and my stupid ass-mar stuffs it up for me. And the lung thing also screws with me mentally. In fact, I think that is what has made me worse; a lot of it is all in my head. SO last week I decided I was going to LOVE RUNNING. Taz told me to go into every running WOD and focus on belting out the run, rather than whatever was going on inside.

So I have been. I’ve been showing up for the running WOD’s. And I’m getting better.

(Why do you run, Forrest? I just felt like running. Simple!)

I’m happy with this past weeks WOD results for Hell-In, and todays WOD a 15 min Run, Box Jump, Double Under AMRAP. Fun times!

I’ve also started cranking the choons in my MP3 player; this shuts out the sounds of my own breathing and has helped SO much.

Hey, if it works for Spealler, why can’t it work for me??!

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  1. Mo Fo permalink
    November 23, 2010 1:10 am

    LOVE IT JOJO! Choose the run. Run. Or don’t Run. Choose. Not decide on the run, but mentally choose it and make yours. P.S. I love you ghetto booty

  2. Jonnie L permalink
    November 23, 2010 6:33 pm

    Love it. Jonnie x

    • November 23, 2010 6:38 pm

      Cheers Jonnie, see you in a week! 🙂 x
      And thanks Mo Fo, you are a wise man ❤

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