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November 14, 2010

Ask me about the benefits of eating Paleo/Primal and I will chew your ear off all day. That being said, I’m not some evangelical Saint Cavegirl who has taken a lifelong vow of bun-free living. I don’t claim not to have impure thoughts. I still spend JUST as much time browsing Neolithic Food Porn as I did in days gone by.

This was one of my latest cravings. I can see all you staunch Paleo purists cringing already. Terrifying, I know, but don’t judge!

Beef and Pumpkin Pie…with a twist! I am intrigued. And drooling just a little.

I never understood the Americans eating bacon and pancakes with maple syrup; that is until I tried it. Or the Christmas morning my US Host Family fried up some leg ham with brown sugar and maple syrup. Oh god. It was sinfully delish. So, something about the above creation appealed to me, even though I know it is SO SO VERY BAD.  I don’t know if I’ll actually bring myself to make it with the meringue, but I can dream!

I don’t have naughty cravings for  as often now, and find my tastebuds (and stomach) are so much more sensitive to sugar and refined carbs, so ‘cheat meals’ have virtually become a thing of the past, as I don’t enjoy them half as much. The heavy, hungover feeling after eating a whole White Lady hamburger and bun just isn’t worth it.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 things that make my mouth water, and that I might miss just a little.

1. Toasted Vogels with butter and Vegemite.

I was at a clients house the other morning and her husband walked past the room with a plate of hot, buttery, Vegemitey toast. The smell brought feelings of nostalgia. Always reminds me of my childhood. Not to mention I was coming to the end of an Intermittent Fast and almost crash tackled him for a piece!

2. Cheesy Long Rolls from New World in Devonport (yes, they do make them better at the bakery there)

These are one of my boy’s have foods. His Mum says when he was a little boy he said one day he would be rich enough so that he would only eat the middle cheese rolls out of the packet, as he didn’t like the edges. She will often buy them when she knows we’re visiting, and I will occasionally sneak a little nibble off the end of one of his rolls.

3. Home made cookies.

They’re always in abundant supply in the freezer, in the cupboard, or on the counter top at my in-laws. I especially crave the choc-peanut ones. And the Edmonds Choc Chip ones.

4. Sals Pizza

Nuff Said.

5.  ………………………….

You know what? That’s about it.

I’ll eat a bit of leftover KFC chicken skin to satisfy that little salty devil hungering for fried chicken. Or have a couple of corn chips at the Mexican Cafe rather than a whole platter of Nachos. Or two strawberries and cream lollies out of a bag of Allen’s Retro Party Mix (although they’re not as good as they used to be) It’s all about moderation! And I feel like if I don’t deprive myself entirely of these little treats, I’m less likely to crash and burn and overeat the crappy stuff when I’m left without healthy options, or having a weak moment.

WAIT. I forgot something. My extra special post-competition/extra special celebration cheat treat. Mexican Cafe or Little Mexico Nachos, with a Passionfruit Frozen Margarita if at Mexican Cafe, or a Strawberry one if Little Mexico. After our big showing at the CrossFit Birkenhead 1st Birthday Games yesterday, perhaps I’m due for a trip to old Méjico tonight…

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