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Korean 1/4 Mile

October 14, 2010

My dear friends Mr Boyce and  Jimi have long shared stories of their forays into dining on the “Korean 1/4 Mile”.


* Around the corner from us on Queen St there are apparently 5 or 6 Korean restaurants all in a row. The boys often “restaurant hop” over the course of an evening.

After hearing grand tales of the tender meats and cheap soju and beer I decided a few weeks ago to join them. We only visited one restaurant that night but it was AMAZING. I wasn’t too excited by the kimchi/MSG induced insane dreams at 2 in the morning, but still, a very satisfying meal that was easy on the pocket.

Last night, starving and with most restaurants closing for the night, we hit “Cook your own Korean BBQ”. The boys call it this because it doesn’t have a name! Honestly! It’s hidden underground, with no real signage to speak of. Down a staircase, around a few corners and we came into a dimly lit restaurant where we were the only patrons (apparently this is part of the appeal).

For $45 we got a MASSIVE platter of “all kinds of meats”. Beef, pork, chicken, and a few others we weren’t quite sure of, but once grilled up, who cares! Thye bring out a little charcoal filled BBQ and you cook everything right at the table. I cannot even begin to tell you how mouth watering the scents are.

Attempting to keep to Primal/Zone living I ordered the “green vegetable salad”. Which basically consisted of a WHOLE head of lettuce, two carrot sticks, 2 cucumber sticks and about 5 thinly sliced cloves of garlic. No kissing for us then!

Salad anyone?

The novelty of grilling your own meat at the table just adds to the excitement. Seriously though, the food was beyond delicious. Couple that with a $5 beer and I was in budget dining heaven…..yes, I had a beer. I wanted to treat/cheat myself. It was worth it 🙂

I highly recommend checking the place out if you’re looking for a cheap, healthy, caveman friendly dining option.

Chef Jimi

I’d tell you the name, but I don’t even know myself! Explore Queen St opposite Sky City Cinemas near the Food Court and you’ll find all the joys of the “Korean 1/4 Mile”.

Good luck!



5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats
AMRAP in 20 mins

I smashed out a PR this morning at Vic Park with 19 rounds plus 5 pull ups, although the push ups were scaled to my knees. I would’ve only ended up with about 5 rounds if I’d done them all on my toes!

Headed back out to CFNZ this afternoon to give Mary a go

5 HSPU (handstand push ups)
10 Pistols
15 Pullups
AMRAP in 20 mins

Gotta pay penance for my beer last night 😉

Peace and love x

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