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The Junk Food Mile

October 11, 2010

Was supposed to be going for dinner at Kura for a friends bday on DAY THREE of the CrossFit New Zealand Spring Clean Challenge, and was looking forward to sashimi!
Sitting by myself for half an hour at the table waiting, got a call from bday girl that she’d decided to go to comedy show, and they’d saved me a seat at the table…and “don’t worry, we’ve already ordered food for you”

I get upstairs and she hands me a BEER and leads me to the table……..where plates of bread began to arrive. THREE DIFFERENT KINDS OF BREADS AND DIPS. And I hadn’t eaten since breakfast!
I had a half a pita bread to tide me over until the ‘tapas’ arrived. I scrounged a little of that too.
Still not the best option, but it was salami and feta and olives or STARVE until 11pm.

On the short walk home, still famished, I knew I’d have to pass Burger Fuel, and didn’t want my hunger to tempt me. SO I crossed the road and passed what I have now dubbed “Junk Food Mile”.
Oh my.

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A block in the other direction, is “Korean BBQ 1/4 Mile” but that’s a WHOLE ‘nother blog in itself. Mmmmm. Korean BBQ….)

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