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Back in The Zone

October 11, 2010

It’s week two of the CrossFit NZ Spring Clean Challenge.

I’m on the WINNING team, Pat Barber’s “Super Bad Black Ninja Lightning Panther Killers”. Or something like that. Awesome name, huh?

Pat suggested that since I’m already a Paleo/Primal eater, I should dial it up a notch and Zone my Caveman munchies. For the  uninitiated, I am weighing and measuring my portions of carbs, fats and protein in just the right balance.


I’ve written out meal plans and recipes for the next few weeks that can be shuffled around so it’s idiot proof and I’m less likely to cheat. Very happy with my dinner tonight “Venison Sorta-Shepherds Pie” baked in individual muffin thingies for portion control/freezing, and Courgette ‘Spaghetti” on the side. PLUS prepped other meals for the next couple of days and froze more for when I get stuck.

It’s actually nice being back in The Zone; it  makes me feel more in control of the steps to achieving my Spring Clean goals.

When I first started Zoning last year, I was given 10 blocks per day to play with (2 block meals and snacks) but felt like I wasn’t eating enough, and dropped a lot of weight and felt weak.
I was also vegetarian.
And lived off grains and veg.
So I went up to 3 block meals + 1 block snacks (11 blocks per day) , and had reasonable progress, and even more when I started adding a little chicken/fish into the mix. Dropped off in the months leading up to my wedding/and grand opening of the bar when life was SO insane that I lived (in the bar) off Sal’s Pizza, Beer and Red Bull. Seriously. And seriously not good. Aren’t brides supposed to starve before they get married? Enter 2 months after the wedding and my decadent honeymoon, and I was carrying TEN extra kilos of weight. I’ve lost most of it, but my body isn’t feeling quite right yet.

I’ve since started eating paleo/primal and am LOVING having meat back in my diet. I’ve decided to test out going back on 10 blocks for The Zone and seeing how the addition of quality meat based protein this time around effects my energy levels.

Very excited for my leftover primal pizza for breakfast tomorrow morning 🙂

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