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Part of the CrossFit New Zealand Family!

October 7, 2010

Damn, I’ve been so gosh-darn lazy (read BUSY) lately and have neglected my blogging duties! I have a phone full of pictures and a diary full of notes, but I’ve just rolled into bed and watched some Dexter or True Blood or How I Met Your Mother at the end of my day.

But I gotta get back into it.

And I have NEWS.


I am fortunate enough (read holy mackerel I’m the luckiest kid out!) to have been offered a position interning at CrossFit New Zealand!

What an awesome bunch of people. I have never felt more welcomed and at home since the day I walked in the door, and as a result the gains I’m making as both a Coach and an Athlete are coming thick and fast. Love it.

To have the opportunity to intern under three of the best coaches in Australasia…nay, THE UNIVERSE, Taz, Daz, and Pat is an absolute privilege, and I’m looking forward to spending loads of time just soaking up the awesomeness.

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