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Safe trip Mel!

June 30, 2010

How hard is it sometimes to keep focussed when you have a goal in mind?  When the going gets tough, how many of us have the ability to turn off that internal dialogue loaded with all its excuses, and just get the job done?

Someone who has impressed me over the past six months with their commitment to walking the talk is Melissa Denly. I was coaching at CrossFit Auckland last year when Mel joined looking to get fit and healthy before her trip to South America. From our very first session I could see the fire in her eyes. I remember smashing this quiet little thing with sled drags and tyre flips and she did it all with A SMILE ON HER FACE! She signed up for her Zone/Paleo nutrition seminar right away, and showed up for her weekly WOD’s without fail. We stayed in touch after I started my own business, and we’ve complemented her CrossFit training with some hard out one on ones once a week.

Mel goes knees to elbows in the park

Not once in the past 6 months have I ever heard a “Can’t” or “Won’t” “Sorry Coach, I can’t make it today” leave her mouth. She’s hit beach sprints in the rain, ocean squats and burpees in the middle of winter, stair plyometrics at North Head, TGU’s in the mud… and she’s tackled it with the focus of an athlete (and early on a Saturday morning when most young Kiwi women are nursing hangovers, or standing at the White Lady waiting for a burger!)

Mel, your progress has been is amazing, and it has been a pleasure training you.

Have a wonderful trip, and see you soon


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