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Rest and the Bubble Kid

June 25, 2010

Arrrgh I hate winter! My friends call me the “Bubble Kid” . Seriously. During winter, my asthma flares up badly, and any and every bug going around ends up in my system. I spent the last fortnight with very little sleep, lots of training, and considerable stress. Have been fighting a cold that whole time and now BOOM. Bronchitis.

Not cool.

Every winter it happens, and every winter I ignore it…but I’ve decided to start listening to my body as being sick and taking time off CrossFit sucks. Now, I’ve had people tell me to suck it up and train, but that’s how I’ve ended up screwed in the first place! High-intensity training such as CrossFit increases the output of  your “stress hormones”, cortisol and adrenaline, which in turn can depress your immunity. Ending up in hospital with pneumonia would suck infinitely more than a week away from the bars, eh?

So don’t train hard when you’re sick, dummy.

I’m using my time on the couch stretch, work my TVA, and to catch up on my Journal reading, and a there was a great vid from last week by Kelly Starrett on Mobilization through Movement. If you’re not a subscriber you should get on it. Taz over at CrossFit NZ took us through some releasing and active mobilization with good old lacrosse balls after our strength workout the other morning. Painful, but worthwhile considering I’m also recovering from bursitis in my shoulder. I own three of those balls now, and when I get 10 mins in front of the TV I work them over any little ache or pain and have found my mobility has increased greatly (that and the help of my angel, my physio Bex at the Institute of Golf. Since rehabbing my hip, I have super-awesomely increased flexibility, and my squats, deadlifts and thrusters etc have gone waaaay up, even with the time off)

I have a bit of a crush on Kelly Starrett, and want to share an excellent clip on tissue repair, and even more reasons to rest!

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