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April 11, 2010

So this week was supposed to be my first week of real blogging about how awesome my eating was going, and how intensely I’d been training, and all of the massive gains I’d been making…no chance.

Whilst my nutrition is dialled right in, Jonny (awesome physio over at I-golf) has banned me from pretty much EVERYTHING I love about CF until this Wednesday. Serves me right for not resting when I was told and not going to physio when I was supposed to. IT-Band friction, shin splints, tight hip flexors, hammies and more pulling my hips in all directions. No running, skipping, jumping, squatting, deadlifting…you get the drift. Even kipping pull ups are out! Boo!

So over the weekend I’ve focussed on my boxing drills, swimming, and sh*tloads of abs. Learning how to activate that TVA is bloody hard work. Don’t want to be dragging ass for the CrossFit Level One Certification this Saturday with “Commando” Steve Willis (and Matt Swift, I think). So excited. The guys are absolute machines, and can’t wait to learn from the masters.

Hopefully get the go ahead to get back into it by Sat. Fingers crossed for me, eh?

Also, lets put all the good juju vibes out there into the universe for Becs “Rogue” Penman in the final push before regionals in 4 weeks. CrossFit chicks rock!


2 x Tabata ring dips/ring rows

2 x Tabata sit ups/back ext (Ab Mat)

20 mins boxing drills

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